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#11: Cream Unicorn

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A cream colored unicorn mare with a soft pink nose, naturally colored hooves, and a "golden" wool felt horn. She has a white and cream mane and tail, with gold accents. Her hand embroidered face features sky blue eyes that are round, wise, and tranquil. Her layered apron dress features woodland birds with a music score ruffle underlayer, frilly crisscross straps, and a pink waistband that unites. She stands 23 inches tall, from the tip of her hooves to the tip of her ears.

I imagine her having a cozy cottage with windows that are always open. She loves the sound of the nearby brook and the knows the song of every bird. In fact, she quite enjoys their company when she's out on a walk or sitting at home. She may think before she speaks around others, but only because she likes to learn the individual song of each person she meets. The hum of a crowd even has a pleasant tone to her. Every time she plays an instrument or begins to sing, she feels like her soul has been given wings.

Made from unbleached muslin cotton, 100% wool felt, embroidery thread, and polyester. Her tag is stamped with a date and number. She comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

This doll is suitable for decoration, gentle handling and loving by ages 4+, due to her hand detailing. All seams are sewn over twice. Once for strength and a second time to help keep raw edges from fraying. Adult supervision is recommended in order to make sure her condition is maintained at her best. It is not a toy. Her horn, tail, and arms are hand sewn to her body. This is an heirloom doll, intended to be a part of your home memories for decades and generations to come. Please message me at the time of purchase if you'd like a name hand embroidered onto her.

Body- spot clean only. Her dress may be removed and gently hand washed. Air dry only.

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