Sasa Loo

#22 Zebracorn

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Crafted from 100% merino wool felt, this Zebracorn has a plush black and white needle felted mane and tail. She is stuffed with polyfiber. She measures about 6 inches from hoof to horn tip and has a secured trim and ribbon scarf. Little button joints allow you to move her limbs.

She comes to you wrapped in pressed tissue paper and with a small certificate of authenticity to match the embroidered number on her inner leg.

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⭐️Warning! ⭐️ This ornament is a soft sculpture, contains small button parts and hand embroidered details. Her needle felted mane are needle felted into place. She is not a toy, but is intended as a beloved heirloom piece to adorn your Christmas tree year after year.

Care: Do not wet except on the body with a lightly damp cloth. Do not brush or pull on the mane and tail. Gentle repositioning of stray hairs is fine.

Ships within 2-3 business days.