Sasa Loo

#27 Antique Black and Gray Kokeshi

$45.00 - Coming soon

Image of #27 Antique Black and Gray Kokeshi Image of #27 Antique Black and Gray Kokeshi Image of #27 Antique Black and Gray Kokeshi Image of #27 Antique Black and Gray Kokeshi Image of #27 Antique Black and Gray Kokeshi

A tall Kokeshi, her body is constructed from the deconstructed fabric of a Nagagi. This full-length cotton garment was for everyday wear, and could have been worn by either a man or woman. At about 100 years old, I wanted to incorporate as much from the original garment as possible. Original threads and patch work have been left intact. For the doll, I turned the piece upside down and cut my pattern with part of the tan inner back lining. The rest of her and her facial embroidery is with cotton. She stands about 17 inches in height. To add a nice quality weight, she is stuffed with thoughtfully sourced wool, farmed within the U.S. Her buns are stuffed with polyfiber, keeping them light weight by full. The nagagi itself was found and collected by myself, during my time living in Okinawa, Japan.

Not everyone has the wall space for displaying an entire kimono. Not everyone has the decor to go along with such a bold piece. These beautiful textiles are rooted in a rich culture and are art work vin their own right. I created these dolls for my adult collectors who wanted to own an authentic piece of culture, and that could be subtle enough to blend in with their home decor. A meaningful keepsake and heirloom doll, completely unique. And because they are of vintage textiles, it will be rare to see your doll’s fabric anyplace else.


She comes to you with a signed certificate of authenticity, stating a bit about your doll, and is numbered to match the hand stamp on her tag.

She will also come with a small tocken of my gratitude for your support of my work, as rare and precious as she is. A gift from me to you. ⭐️

This vintage art doll is intended as decorative art piece and is not a toy. Avoid direct sunlight, as it will cause fading over time. She is happiest on a shelf or chair, serving as functional art.

Spot clean with a clean damp cloth, as needed.

Shipping will be priority, for domestic. Delivery usually is within 1 week, for continental destinations and up to 10-14 days for noncontinental domestic destinations. International shipping usually arrived within 10-14. Please allow a few extra days, depending on your country.