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Custom Cuddle Kokeshi Art Doll

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Image of Custom Cuddle Kokeshi Art Doll Image of Custom Cuddle Kokeshi Art Doll Image of Custom Cuddle Kokeshi Art Doll Image of Custom Cuddle Kokeshi Art Doll

Made to order, you can decide whatever cherry blossoms you'd like on your 10 inch Cuddle Kokeshi. Red, light pink, dark pink, fuschia, lavender, shades of blue! You can even ask for a combination of colors, as each leaf, blossom, and even her branch has been wet felted by hand, from marino wool roving. Each of the six blossoms is carefully hand sewn and lightly detailed onto her cream colored fur. The center french knots can be the normal pale yellow, silver, pale gold, or bright gold. Metallic threads will be mixed with cotton threads for a fuller knot. A dainty blush finishes off her warm and cheerful expression. If you wish, I am able to machine embroider on the back, as long as it is no more than 10 characters, including spaces, and up to two lines. The fur must be trimmed around the embroidery so that it is not lost in all the plushness. The shorter, the better! The embroidery thread color will correspond to the blossom colors. I only offer one font, as it needs to be thick enough for the furry body and fancy fonts vary in thickness and may not work for every order.

She is stuffed with poly fiber, for a light plush feel.

She will come to you wrapped in hand pressed paper and tied with a piece of vintage kimono silk. Her tag will be stamped with a date and number. She will also come with a numbered and signed card.

Production time is 2 weeks from the time of deciding the details of your doll. Please message me at:

monica [at] sasaloo [dot] com

after purchase so that we can discuss blossom colors and if you'd like anything machine embroidered onto the back.

Gently spot clean the body if needed. However, her blush is not permanent. Reshaping of wool blossoms can be done by hand when she first arrives and you cut off the supportive threads. Directions for further reshaping can be found under the 'Care' page. This doll is intended as an heirloom collective art piece, meant for display only. A keepsake to remind you of your travels or time living abroad. To inspire a cultural connection. Or maybe this doll is in memory of a loved.

**This is not a toy or meant to be handled by children, due to its handmade blossoms. Leaf and blossoms will not look identical to the pictures above, as each is crafted by hand and the roving wool I purchase for felting may change.

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