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Gulliver - Art Doll

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Image of Gulliver - Art Doll Image of Gulliver - Art Doll Image of Gulliver - Art Doll Image of Gulliver - Art Doll Image of Gulliver - Art Doll

Gulliver is a cloth art doll with hand embroidered features, a dark blue mane and tail, and a little outfit tailored just for him. As the first male doll from my Snapdragon Meadow Collection, I wanted him to be varied from the mares. Instead, I chose to detail him with eyelids and to emphasis his cheekbones and bridge of his face. Also, his mane is cropped short and wild... A look I love to style going upward, instead of down! I've also given him a hint of bangs. His sweet face has the trademark crescent eyes, which gives him a gentle expression. A faint blush brings a warm color to his cheeks.

Gulliver's pants and scarf are crafted from vintage extra light weight Japanese cotton that I acquired while living in Okinawa, Japan. A wonderful find that I knew I had to have the moment I spotted it. Japanese looms for traditional textiles are only about 14 inches wide. I have left his scarf exactly as it was intended, both salvages (edges) intact, and have delicately frayed the ends by hand.

Gulliver's shirt is sewn from a white double gauze and embellished with a marigold colored blanket stitch around the collar. His sleeves have been rolled and hand stitched into place. His cotton vest is crafted from a combination of American and Japanese modern prints. The green and white tree pieces are of a Japanese duck cotton. Sewn together in the same fashion as a quilter pieces a quilting block, his vest is a mini work of art and attention to design. To continue with the woodsy/nature theme, I chose a print of earthy tones with beetles, moths, butterflies, and foliage. Whenever Gulliver attends a special event, he likes to turn his vest inside out, to show it off!

+++ About Gulliver +++
An adventurous horse, Gulliver prefers the outdoors and wide open air of possibility. He spends his days waking up with the birds and exploring his surroundings. There are so many trees and animals that call them home. Entire worlds can be found in the smallest of places. Whenever he sees an interesting new plant or insect, he is sure to examine it closely. His sense of wonder carries him through mountain passes and whispering meadows. He wants to see it all! At night, the stars serve as a compass to where he wants to go. The chirping of crickets in unison is music to his ears and his preferred lullaby. But always, he feels the call of home and is happy to return to his own little cabin and note his findings into a journal. The ashes in his fireplace burn low and are almost gone by the time we decides he has written enough. He needs to rest so he can plan for his next adventure!

+++ +++

Measurement: About 23.5 inches
Materials: unbleached cotton body, cotton, wool and alpaca yarn, polester filling

**Please note that this doll is an art doll and not a toy. The garments are more fragile of material and intricate of work. He is intended as decoration and gentle handling by ages 14+ and adult collectors.

Gulliver comes to you with a hand stamped number and date on his tag. As well as a signed certificate of authenticity. If you would prefer him to be a unicorn, I can add a horn for no additional cost. Please message me or add a note during checkout. If you would like him personalized with a hand stitched name, please message me or add a note at checkout.

Shipping will be priority, for domestic. Delivery usually is within 1 week, for continental destinations and up to 10-14 days for noncontinental domestic destinations. International shipping usually arrived within 10-14. Please allow a few extra days, depending on your country.

= Cleaning Instructions =
Body: Spot clean only
garments: gently hand soaked and air dried only. Lightly iron on medium heat.