Sasa Loo


 - My mission is to create heirloom dolls that brings your world a little closer; whether it's the real world or your own imaginary one. A beloved handcrafted piece to have for years and generations to come. For my Kokeshi Collection, I combine cultural inspiration into a piece of functional art. To inspire a sense of curiosity in the various cultures around us while bringing the world a little closer. For my Snapdragon Meadow, I seek to create a statement piece that inspires you to delve into your own imagination and add a touch of timeless magic to your life. -

We moved to Okinawa, from the United States, when I was about three months pregnant with baby #2. While decorating the nursery I wanted to make something by hand, that my child could have forever. A keepsake of the distant land in which she was born. I looked at the culture around me and quickly decided upon a Shisa. These ceramic lion dogs were a male and female pair that stood guard at homes and business... all over really... against bad spirits and really felt like a protector of anything bad. Like typhoons, for example! I thought what a perfect gift for my child. A little shisa to protect her while she slept and to be a loving companion. At the time I didn't own a sewing machine and there was no pattern to be found. After a few sketches, I cut my own pattern from printing paper and stitched it entirely by hand. From that first doll, I was hooked on sewing and creating. 

But even more, I began to look more closely at the art around me and beautiful beaches and vibrant island colors. I was particularly inspired by the traditionally wood carved and painted dolls, called kokeshi. Their history dates back hundreds of years and they are a delight to look at. But I quickly noticed that for all their beauty, I couldn't find any cloth ones for my own daughter. So, I designed the Cuddle Kokeshi and a few other collections, including an art doll collection featuring vintage kimono fabric that I searched out and collected with childlike excitement.

My family and I live a semi nomadic lifestyle. Moving every couple of years gives us the opportunity to not only visit different countries but to live in other cultures. Each doll is crafted entirely by myself, currently in my Alabama home studio, amongst the daily bustle and chatter of three small children, two dogs, a cat, and my husband. Sewing and creating is more than my passion, it is my own little world! I love what I sew and I sew what I love. 

Thank you for the support and interest!

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