Doll Care

Sasa Loo

Doll Care

Doll Care

-Cuddle Kokeshi

      Spot clean only. 100% wool blossoms will lose their crispness when soaked and become puffy. However, accidents happen and a full cleaning maybe become necessary.

       1.  In a clean basin, add a very small amount of gentle laundry                     detergent and mix with warm water. 

       2. Submerge your doll fully and gently wash.

       3. Rinse with clean warm water, being sure to gently press out any               extra suds that may be inside her stuffing. Do not twist her, as you           may displace her stuffing. Gently pressing between your hands is               best.

       4. Place your doll inside a clean, dry towel and remove any excess                 water by pressing it out. Do not twist, or squeeze. This could                     displace her stuffing.

        5. Air dry in a warm spot.

-Printed Cuddle Kokeshi

     Gently hand wash or gentle cycle machine wash. You can opt to flat press out excess water inside a dry towel or you can machine dry on extra low heat. 

Please be aware that the color will fade with excessive heat drying, like with any regular clothing item. 

- Shisa Pups

Spot clean only.

       However, if the doll should need a full cleaning:

       1. Fill a small or medium bowl with a few drops of gentle detergent and warm water. Mix well.

       2. Fully submerge your shisa and gently wash. Take special care to not rub the French knots on the mane and tail with much pressure. 

      3. Rinse and remove promptly. Lay the doll flat in between layers of a towel and press out all excess water. Take carel to press straight down when doing this process in order to better keep the doll's shape and not 'hurt' any of the French knots.

-Vintage Kimono Art Doll

     Keep out of direct sunlight, as this will fade the silk.

Due to their hand detailed nature and vintage silk, spot clean only if you are familiar on how to clean silk.